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How CART Works

How CART Works

Community Alliance and Resource Team operates with high standards of confidentiality. Team members are committed to listening to your concerns, helping you through the situation, and providing you with support. The Team offers you resources and options that enable you to decide what is best for you. We do not operate as a judicial body or court. The Team operates on the basis of the Hanover College Principles to promote understanding, respect, civility and education. Hanover College strives to be a safe, productive, and rewarding environment for all its community members.
While we support all victims of bias incidents, the Team is not a crisis response team. If you or someone you know is in danger of physical harm as a result of a bias incident, or is the victim of a felony (such as physical or sexual assualt), call Campus Security immediately at extension 7999.
Although the Community Alliance and Resource Team includes representation from Hanover College Title IX officials, reported incidents regarding sex or gender based discrimination shall be referred directly to the college's Title IX officials. Click here for more information on Title IX reporting.
Report an Incident
If you have witnessed or experienced a bias incident to the Team, send CART an email at to cart@hanover.edu with a brief description of the nature of the incident. We will then contact you to arrange to meet in person with two members of the Team. We will make every effort to meet with you within 24 hours of having received your report.
The process

  • A report is made to the Team via email, either by the victim or a third party.
  • The Team contacts the individual who reports the incident to schedule a time to meet, making every effort to meet the individual within 24 hours of having received the report.
  • Team members meet with the individual to discuss options for moving forward, including just taking down a description of the incident for information purposes only. A meeting with the Team is optional. The individual who reports the incident is in control of the process.
  • The Team follows up with the individual to assess the resolution of the report.

This flowchart represents the various decision procedures we will follow in handling reports.

Contact us at cart@hanover.edu